Recommended Tools and Supplies

Provided in Kit:

  • pre-cut felt
  • toy stuffing
  • 3mm safety eyes
  • chenille wire
  • embroidery threads
  • beads
  • needle and thread

Other Suggested Supplies

  • small sharp sewing scissors
  • stuffing tool (dowel or chop stick will do!)
  • sewing pins


Begin by adding the face embroidery! I recommend reviewing the full tutorial before sewing, the get the full picture of the steps. Then go back and follow along.

To create mini embroidery, you’ll need to separate your embroidery threads from six strands down to 2. With thinner thread you are able to produce smaller, more detailed embroidery designs.

Almost all of the embroidery for the polar bear kit consists of an arrangement of straight lines stitched around each other to create a more intricate design. So the embroidery might seem a little complicated. But really, if you can make a straight stitch, then you can tackle this mini embroidered snowflake design!

Begin by making a small cross in the middle of the face piece (reference above). Create an X shape over the cross. The arrows are the direction to sew each step for ease of design.

After the initial cross and “X” shapes, you’ll make one more tiny X right in the middle of the snowflake. These two tiny stitches will hold the middle of the snowflake neatly into place. Create two small triangle shaped stitches at the top and bottom of this snowflake shape.

Bring a piece of embroidery thread down to a single strand. Knot it to the back of the felt. Use this single strand to stitch a bead in below and above the snowflake.

switch to a darker embroidery thread, split to 2 single strands. Sew in small triangles at the top left and right corners above the snowflake.

Add two triangles to the top and bottom facing towards the snowflake.

Next we’ll add some safety eyes to the polar bear. To install safety eyes, match together the two bear body pieces. poke a hole through where you think the eye will look best located on the face. By matching the pieces before making a hole, you will ensure that the eyes will be installed in the same place on both sides of the bear’s face.

place the post at the back of the eye into the hole so that the post will face toward the inside of the bear. Fit the small plastic washer over the post, holding the plastic eye onto the felt. Snip off the excess end of the eye post. Install on both sides being careful to install on the right sides of the felt.

Fold the limbs on the “under body” piece downward and stitch just across the top of the felt, holding the legs pointing downwards.

Sew the front of the face piece onto the end of the Under Body piece as shown below.

Match one side of the body to the Under Body piece, pinning at the legs. Begin stitching from the back of the bear. I like to use a small, tight blanket stitch. Sew downwards past the rump and down the leg.

Stitch all the way along the outer edges along both legs, up the chest and one side of the face.

Pin the opposite side of the body in place and begin stitching from about 3/4 of the way down the back. stitch towards the bears rump, past the legs and up the chest as you had done on the opposite side.

When you reach the top of the head put your threaded needle aside and thread some black embroidery thread. Send the needle out through the inside of the head to one side of the snout.

Stitch a nose into the front of the face by overlapping several stitches over the nose. End your stitches by sending the thread back into the inside of the head and knotting the thread.

Bend some wire to fit just the right size to fit from one paw across to the other.

Bend the ends up just at the tops of the leg. Insert the wire into the inside of the bear and push each side down into the legs.

Stuff the bear’s legs by pushing small amounts of toy stuffing into the legs at a time, using a dowel or chop stick to push the stuffing into place. Continue sewing the bear until there is just about an inch left open.

Stuff the head and body completely full then stitch the bear shut.

Fold the ear piece in half. Make a single stitch at the bottom of each ear, knotting the thread to the back of the ear. Pin the ears in place and then stitch in place.

I like to stitch them into place by moving the needle through the entire width of the head and out the opposite ear, sewing back and forth until each ear is held in place with several stitches.

Tie off the thread at the back of the ear to hide the last of your stitching.

You’re done! Head over to DelilahIris Designs Felt Patterns shop to snag the newest kits! Come join me on Instagram or Facebook to share your creation! I love to see your work!